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Haringtons Quaintrelle and Orphic Collection Showreel 2016


Haringtons Clockworx Collection Showreel 2015



Haringtons H Awards 2015, Nordens Farm



Haringtons H Awards 2014, Nordens Farm



Haringtons Art Team Collection 2013 Showreel



Haringtons Awards 2013

Norden Farm, Maidenhead

Haringtons Art Team Collection 2012 Showreel

Presenting Haringtons Hairdressing 2012 Collections:

Deco Echoes – Showing Art Deco’s hallmark traits of extravagance and exoticism, these models with their shiny smooth bobs or loosely dressed curls are all set for a voyage of seductive glamour

Decodent – Clearly inspired by 1930s Erte, these sinuous and lyrical models with their fractured bobs and stylised dressings evoke the era’s decadence while remaining firmly in today’s zeitgeist

Decorus – Think Betty Grable, Veronica Lake, Lauren Bacall…..The charm and fascination of Hollywood stars of the silver screen shine though this style cocktail of glamour and sophistication

Dillinger – Men who mean business. Tough, assertive and dressed to impress, these guys haven’t held back in the styling arena, their hair being dressed using fashionable 30s techniques — finger waves and shingling

Haringtons Awards 2012

Norden Farm, Maidenhead

11 November 2012