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At Haringtons Hair Salons we believe that every hair cut should be unique to the individual.  So, a professional consultation about your hair and lifestyle is always the starting point, allowing us to create a hair cut and style that is perfect for you.

If you are looking for incredible hair inspiration, take a look at our collections for haircuts and hairstyles

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Choosing a Hair Style that Suits You

Our experienced stylists understand how the shape of your face, the balance between features (nose, mouth, ears and forehead) and the texture of your hair can produce different results.

After discussing your wishes, we can advise on a hair cut and style that will compliment and enhance your looks whilst also giving you the look you want.

Many of our body and facial features require a careful choice of hair style and good advice from your hair stylist. For example,

  • a larger nose can be disguised with soft, graduated hair onto the face
  • shorter necks need added width and graduation to raise the chin and extend the neck
  • longer narrow faces suit softer waves or choppy cuts with width.

Using our technical hair cutting and styling expertise we can add:

  • Volume – giving your hair more density and body
  • Texture – choose from wispy, choppy, sleek or curled styles
  • Movement – including straight, wavy, jagged or swept effects.

Your Haringtons hair stylist will be using some or all of these cutting and styling techniques on different parts of your head, as the texture, direction of growth and volume is likely to vary between your fringe, crown, nape and sides.

Hair Cuts & Styles for Women

Today’s hair styles and cuts are so diverse that we together we can find the perfect hairstyle to suit your face, hair and lifestyle.

Short Chic Hair Styles

Short hairstyles can be incredibly versatile with a great hair cut, a little knowledge and the right styling products!  A short crop, the pixie cut and the short layered bob remain classic and popular short hairstyles for women.  Add a blunt fringe and an asymmetric cut and you have a look that is chic and bang on-trend.

Mid Length Hair Styles

Many people call it that difficult ‘in-between’ stage but we know that mid-length hair can look fashionable with the right hair cut.  Wear your mid-length hair straight and sleek or in relaxed waves for maximum effect.

Vintage Hairstyles & Upstyles

Vintage or retro hairstyles are a wonderful way of adding some individuality and glamour to your look.  If you have naturally straight hair why not try a glamorous curly hairstyle for some vintage va-va-voom .  Looking forward to a glamorous night out, opt for an intricate upstyle featuring on-trend plaits or a casual up-do for added sex appeal.


If you are looking for incredible hair inspiration, take a look at our collections from our hairdressing salons for haircuts and hairstyles

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