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Wedding and Bridal Hair from Haringtons

Your wedding day will no doubt be one of the most memorable of your life.  Getting married can be a daunting stressful task and with so much to think about in making sure your day is perfect, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. At Haringtons hair salon we love to help you to wind down during this busy time and our wedding hair process is one that is exciting, fun and very relaxing.  We will work with you every step of the way to create the most beautiful bridal hairstyle.











But which bridal hairstyle should you choose?  Do you want a bridal upstyle? Do you want to wear your wedding hair down? Do you want your wedding hairstyle to incorporate bridal hair accessories like brooches, clips and flowers? Are you inspired by vintage and retro wedding hairstyles?

These are many questions that you may not be able to answer straight away but as you decide on elements and themes for your wedding, your dream wedding hairstyle may become clearer in your mind.

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Let us guide you through some of the most popular wedding hairstyles and help you choose your best bridal hair cut and hairstyle.

Bridal Upstyles/Up-dos for Wedding Hair

Bridal Hair Up 123

Hair Up Do Wedding 123 Hair Up Bridal 123 Hair Style Up Bridal 123









The upstyle or up-do is often regarded as one of the most elegant bridal hairstyles. Whether you have short, mid length or long hair, the bridal upstyle is versatile and sophisticated.  Intricate upstyles are stunning and at Haringtons we have a creative and talented team of hair stylists who turn artist when it comes to upstyles! Renowned Haringtons Art Director Kathryn Dartnell and the team have a proven track record when it comes to creating stand-out, red-carpet-ready, showstopping up-do hairstyles which can be perfectly adapted for bridal hairstyles.


Long Hairstyles for Brides

Long Bridal Hair 123Long Hairstyle Wedding Bridal 123

Long Wedding Hair 123 Wedding Bridal Long Hair 123









If you are looking to create the perfect wedding hairstyle for long hair, then consider adding hair extensions.  Hair extensions will not only add length to the hair but also add thickness and volume.  Hair extensions don’t have to be semi permanent – your Haringtons hair stylist is well equipped to fit and fix clip-in hair extensions, ensuring they are securely in place for your whole wedding day.  You may want to consider bridal hairstyles for long hair that use curls, waves or even the half up, half down bridal hairstyles that add volume at the crown.  These half up half down long wedding hair styles are great for providing an anchor point for a veil or wedding flowers.

For more on hairstyle services take a look at our haircuts and hairstyles at Haringtons Hairdressing.

Mid Length Hairstyles for Brides

Classic Bridal Hair 123 Long Wedding Hair 123 Medium Length Bridal Hair 123 Vintage Classic Bridal Hairstyle 123










Wedding hairstyles for mid length hair are versatile as there are so many options to choose from.  Whether you want to wear your medium length hair in a shorter wedding hairstyle or bridal upstyle, the possibilities are endless.  Making sure you maintain regular maintenance appointments in the run up to your wedding will ensure the ends of your hair and your layers are kept in optimum condition.

Short Hairstyles for Brides

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Short hair looks stunning on brides of all ages.  With the focus of the day very much on your choice of wedding dress, short hairstyles really draw attention to your gown and also with less hair, your facial features are enhanced.  Short bridal hairstyles benefit from bridal hair accessories like headbands, brooches, and clasps.  Waves and curls in short hair add texture to short wedding hair.

Vintage or Retro Wedding Hairstyles

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Vintage is a word we hear more and more of these days.  The bygone eras of the 1940’s and ‘50s has provided many modern brides with the inspiration and canvas to create the best modern vintage and retro wedding hairstyles.  Incorporating demi waves, quiffs and chignons, vintage hair styles with a modern twist are very much on the menu for today’s contemporary brides.  If your wedding dress features vintage elements like lace or pearls or your wedding has a vintage theme then you may want to go for a vintage, retro bridal hairstyle.