Beaconsfield team support the Genesis Research Trust

Beaconsfield team support the Genesis Research Trust

The staff in each of our Haringtons salons have chosen a charity to support. The Beaconsfield salon will be fundraising to support Genesis Research Trust.

grt logoImperial College London have many brilliant scientists searching for the reason behind miscarriage, premature birth and genetic and hereditary illnesses.  They believe passionately that every child deserves to have a chance of good health from conception to birth and that parents have a right to answers.

The Genesis Research Trust was set up to help couples facing the distress of repeated miscarriages, unexplained infertifility and the loss of a child.
team with Fern Britten

Fern Britton is Patron of this charity who, for the last eleven years has completed many cycle challenges for Genesis.

You can find out more about the charity and it’s work but visiting their website here.

In support of this great charity, our receptionists will be asking you for a discretionary contribution of £1.00 with your bill (we would, of course be delighted if you could give more) and Haringtons will match your donation*.

We hope you will join us in supporting this worthy cause.


UPDATE:  We’re at our third week of fundraising, and we’re delighted to let you know that the Beaconsfield clients have raised a tremendous £348.  Thank you all very much!


*Up to a total maximum of £4,000 across the group