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Trinity House, 77 Bedford Place, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 2DF

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Monday 9:30am 5:15pm
Tuesday 9:30am 5:15pm
Wednesday 9:30am 5:15pm
Thursday 10:30am 8:00pm
Friday 9:30am 5:15pm
Saturday 8:30am 4:30pm

Meet The Team

The Salon


You'll receive the very best hair cuts, styles and colours at our Southampton salon which is located in a pretty Grade II listed building over two floors of Trinity House.  Let our team work their magic on your hair while you sit back and relax!

CUTTING AND FINISHING Stylist Senior Stylist Creative Style Director Senior Style Director Manager Salon/ Education Manager Art Director
ladies    50.25 55.00 59.00 62.25 64.50 67.00 70.00 72.00
ladies restyle   52.50 57.00 61.00 64.50 66.50 69.00 72.25 74.00
ladies blow dry   30.25 33.75 36.75 39.50 41.50 45.00 48.75 54.50
men   37.75 42.00 43.50 44.50 46.50 49.25 50.25 51.60
 Cut and finish 0-9 23.25 26.50 31.75          
  10 - 16 10 - 16 year olds receive 30% off adult prices Mon - Fri only
Student discount 20% off Monday - Friday. 10% off Saturday. On production of your student, enrolment ID from your school, college or university
COLOUR Technical Senior Technician Creative Technician Technical Director  
hairline, crown and parting   76.50 83.50 89.75 94.25      
1/2 head     78.75 85.50 90.75 97.75      
3/4 head     80.50 94.25 98.25 106.00      
whole head     92.75 113.25 119.75 127.00      
Contemporary colours from . .  68.00 71.00 77.75 81.50      
Semi-permanent colours from 43.00 46.00 48.75 50.75      
. . . with flecks 68.00 71.00 73.50 76.00      
Regrowth tinting from . .   48.25 50.75 54.50 58.50      
   . . . with flecks 72.75 75.50 77.75 82.00      
Luocolor     50.75 53.75 58.00 60.50      
      . . . with flecks 76.00 79.50 84.00 86.00      
Whole head tinting from . .   60.50 71.00 75.50 78.25      
Bleach from . .      69.00 71.00 74.25 77.75      
If you have not had colour services before, you will need to have an allergy test at least 48 hours before your appointment for your comfort and protection.
conditioning treatment   15.50            
perms     89.75 101.75 106.50 109.75      
partial perm from . .   75.00 89.75 93.25 107.75      
spiral perm     155.25 168.75 184.50 199.75      

Heather - Salon Manager
Loyal, motivated, happy.
Salon Manager
Time at Haringtons:24 years
Length of experience: 21 years
Loves: Doing all hair types and colours - 'variety is the spice of life'
Favourite products: Elixir Serum, Rough Paste, Texture Powder
Favourite celebrity hair-do: Robin Wright - it's sophisticated with an edge.
Interestingly: She can play the trumpet.

Nicole - Senior Art Director/ Assistant Manager
Consciencious, Caring, Creative

Loves:  Working on all hair types and all styles, so everything… but clippers!

Fave products: Bain divalent, elixir ultime serum (original) , rough paste

Fave celeb: Alexa Chung & why not.

Interestingly:  She LOVES bunnies!

Aaron - Senior Stylist/Technician
Ambitious, charming, creative.

Time at Haringtons: 1 year
Length of experience: 6 years
Loves: Short hair cuts and bobs as it opens up his creative mind.
Favourite products: Rough Paste, Keratine Thermique, Forme Fatale
Favourite celebrity hair-do: Emma Wilis - she's always on trend.
Interestingly: He can balance a pint glass on the back of his head.

James - Senior Stylist
Friendly, Passionate, Perfectionist

Loves doing Balayage, strong geometric shapes, and bouncy blow dries. 


Favourite three products: Kerastase elixir ultime oil, Kerastase ciment thermique, Kerastase forme fatale 

Favourite celebrity hair-do:  Jenifer Lawrence's platinum bob, because it's classic, versatile and striking. 


Interestingly: He's ambidextrous 


Wieslawa (Michelle) - Stylist

Loves doing a aombination of hair coloring, haircutting and hair texturing techniques.

Favourite three products: Kerastase resistance ciment thermique, Kerastase the power of elixir,Redken pure force

Favourite celebrity hair-do:  Taylor swift - I like her style because is beautiful romantic, natural hair style

Victoria - Stylist
Fun, Creative, Imaginative

I love doing all sorts of haircuts and colours.

Three favourite products:  Pure Force, Ciment Thermique, Forme Fatale.

Favourite celebrity hair - Emma Watson. I love her hairstyles she always looks great with whatever hair she has.

Interestingly: I used to do a lot of gymnastics when I was younger

Andrew - Hair Extension Specialist
Perfectionist, creative, friendly.
Creative Stylist
Time at Haringtons: 8 years
Length of experience: 14 years
Loves: The creativity and artistry in freehand highlights and balliage.  Loves bouncy glamourous blowdry's.  Expert in extensions - the ultimate make-over.
Favourite products: Dry shampoo, Kerastase Spray a Porter, Redken Pure Force
Favourite celebrity hair-do: Gwen Stefani - effortless and cool and proves you can have healthy bleached hair.
Interestingly: He runs competitively.

Jordan - Style Director
Creative, Relaxed.
Time at Haringtons: 10 years
Length of experience: 6 years
Loves: Blowdrying hair and doing the finishing touches.
Favourite products: Ciment Thermique, Spray a Porter.

Sophia - Stylist
Friendly, Fun, Enthusiastic

Loves: Creating a look that clients can maintain at home. 

Favourite celebrity look:  Cara Delevingne. She always looks effortless and cool.

Favourite Products: Ciment thermique, volume extra mousse, oleo relax serum.

Interestingly:  She is double jointed!

What Our Clients Say About Our Southampton Salon

Superb experience at Southampton Salon, by Sophie & Jordon. Cant wait to come back.
Sophia at Southampton Salon, was very pleasant and well trained. Making good recommendations about my hair. very pleased with my hair.
Heather at Southampton salon was fantastic as took the time to listen to my concerns. She was able to reassure me and fully explained what she was recommending before proceeding.
Vanessa Skeet
Aaron at Southampton branch has cut my hair a couple of times now and it's the best my hair has looked in years. I've had so many comments on my hair and I'm really happy with it after years of feeling disappointed after a salon visit (which includes Toni
Aaron at Southampton Salon, did a great job with the colour. I was very happy with the service.
One of the best salon's I've ever been to! Everyone were lovely at Southampton salon! Just out of curiosity, do you only employ beautiful people?