the Haringtons art team

Education is about progression and communication. As international educators our aim is to break new territory, take a step beyond the safe barriers; excite and inspire our contemporaries; motivate the hairdressers of tomorrow. Without continued education we cannot develop as an industry. Hairdressers have to feel excited to maintain a progressive environment for their clients. It is our objective, and our duty as an artistic team to provide this excitement.



international educators

The Artistic Team appears the world over, to inspire, educate and motivate with seminars and workshops that push the boundaries of hairdressing today. Their photographic work pushes the realms of hairdressing creativity whilst making a statement with images that reflect life on the street in the world today, and is regularly featured on the front covers and pages of glossy magazines and Trade journals internationally.



award-winning team

The team and its members are constant nominees, finalists and winners in the British Hairdressing Awards and are renowned for pulling together unique ingredients that explore all methods of hairdressing. Inspired by everything from music, fashion, art and even architecture, the team is passionate about communicating their interpretations. It is this passion, together with ground-breaking philosophies and professional management-style that ensures Haringtons play a part in driving forward the industry as a whole.


Stylists and colourists from Haringtons have completed shows and seminars worldwide including countries such as Spain, South Africa, Sweden, the USA, Japan, Italy, India,  Switzerland, Denmark, Greece, Indonesia and Thailand.

Haringtons work regularly at London Fashion Week, on photo shoots with models such as Kate Moss and Claudia Schiffer and they were invited to look after the models for the Missoni Retrospective at the V&A.  Hence the team are looking forward to a busy, exciting and rewarding future.