Hairdresser Training – What To Expect

We pride ourselves on the further development of staff and are very proud that many trainees go on to manage our salons, become our educators and, in some instances, go on to become amazing creative forces.

Our hairdresser apprenticeship training is based on a tested and robust formula of training and evaluation.  Once you have mastered the basics you will be able to progress on to the next level.

Each training academy implements its own training rota.  Trainees take part in two training sessions a week, plus cutting assessment evenings every four weeks and technical assessment nights every six weeks.  Theory training is held every other week.

Throughout their training, our trainees are closely monitored, assessed and reviewed.   This ensures we can adapt the training to best suit the needs of the trainee and provide tailored support and advice where required. 

Action plans are filled out every six weeks and include attitude, time–keeping, attendance, holiday, sick, model nights attended and progression. Smart targets are also set.

Our education managers review trainees every four to six weeks, the training director reviews each trainee every eight weeks and each salon manager has monthly meetings with trainees to give feedback.  We also welcome and encourage feedback from our trainees who are given evaluation forms to complete after each theory and training session.

A yearly meeting is also held with the trainee, salon manager, education managers and Internal Quality Assurer to check on progression and any contract changes between levels of education.

Southampton traineesNVQ levels 1 and 2 are trained over a two year set period and NVQ level 3 and City & Guilds key skills are trained over a one year set period.

At the end of the training scheme, we offer all trainees a further in-house intensive training period of 10 weeks at either our London or Maidenhead Academies to help build their confidence.  This includes seeing up to six clients a day and learning how to build and handle a busy column of work.  

This ensures that our trainees are 100% ready once they have qualified to become a stylist or technician. 

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