K Water Treatments

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Introducing K Water at Haringtons Hair Salons

The Incredible In-Salon Treatment For Instant Shine

It may seem like magic, and it almost is. K Water’s lamellar technology is a stunning new breakthrough in salon haircare, and works instantly to create perfect hair. But how? Learn the science behind this latest haircare ‘miracle’.

As advanced haircare innovators, the scientists at Kérastase are always searching for new ways to answer women’s hair desires. Their latest discovery is nothing short of a revolution in haircare. The miracle of K Water is lamellar technology, an entirely new way to deliver instant nourishment and shine directly to the hair fibre, instantly. The results are plain to see.

Enjoy Instant Shiny, Smooth Hair with a K Water Treatment

K Water’s caring agents bind instantly to the hair, creating smooth, hydrated, nourished hair. Hair is perfectly prepped for styling and blow-drying to give you unbelievably sleek hair with a glass-like shine.   This is a clever product that injects ingredients into the hair fibres that most need help, so the amount of nourishment your hair receives is never to heavy nor too light.

Short On Time? Try a K Water Hair Care Treatment at Haringtons Hairdressing

Unlike a conventional hair mask, where caring agents are emulsified in a liquid cream, K Water’s healing power is dissolved in a clear liquid. The formula acts instantly which means you don’t need to sit and wait long for it to take effect.  Within a matter of minutes your Haringtons stylist can apply K Water before rinsing it off for a weightless finish.You will see immediate results – sleek, fluid hair with a glass-like shine. 

When you leave the salon, you want hair that gleams. But what if you don’t have time to sit for a deep care treatment? Now, you can have shine in a flash. K Water gives you perfect, stunning hair instantly, weightlessly.

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We are so excited to be offering this brand new treatment. Find your nearest Haringtons salon and book an appointment now!