Autumn Hair Colour Trends 2019

Top Hair Colour Trends for Autumn at Haringtons Hair Salons in South East England

We are passionate about what we do here at Haringtons Hairdressing so if you are looking for a new hairstyle or a beautiful on-trend hair colour, book in for a consultation at your nearest Haringtons hair salon.  We are always up to date with the latest hair trends and will work with you to find a hairstyle and colour that suits you, your style and your lifestyle. 

Autumn hair trends at the best hair salons in South East England


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brunette haringtons hair salon beaconsfield
Beautiful brunette colour with highlights at Haringtons Hair Salon in Beaconsfield

Rich & Glossy Brunette Hair Shades

Beautiful brunette hair colour is back and looking gloriously glossy this autumn!  From an all-over tint to highlights or a pretty balayage effect, you will be on-trend for autumn 2019 with a warm brunette shade.

For something a little different, you can add interest to your brunette hair with some red or golden highlights – as seen in this beautiful colour created by our team at Haringtons hair salon in Beaconsfield.

If you feel your hair is looking a little frazzled after summer, why not book in for a smartbond treatment?  By adding another 10 minutes to your hair appointment, our skilled colour technicians will be able to radically improve the condition of your hair.  Find out more about smartbond treatments at Haringtons hair salons here.



red hair colours haringtons hair salon winchester
Gorgeous vibrant red hair colour from our team at Haringtons in Winchester

Bold Red Hair Colour Trend

Dare to be different with a vibrant red hair colour this autumn! It is time to stand out from the crowd, not fade into the background.

With a multitude of red colours to choose from, the perfect red shade is waiting for you.  Today there’s no need to stick to just one red shade either, the team at Haringtons hair salon in Winchester, for example, did a gorgeous colour melt with two different shades to achieve this vibrant shade (left).

Of course, your red hair does not have to be blindingly bright and can instead be added as an undertone that gives vibrancy and dimension to your base colour.  Just make sure you talk to your Haringtons colour specialist who can advise you on the right shade for you.  


blonde balayage haringtons hair salon marlow
Cool blonde balayage created by the colour experts at Haringtons in Marlow

Be Bold With Balayage 

Balayage continues to be a top trend as is looks effortlessly chic and is also one of the lowest maintenance hair colour looks around.  However, in autumn and winter 2019 we expect to see people becoming more adventurous when it comes to balayage. 

There is not doubt that blonde balayage – like this fabulous look created by the colour experts at Haringtons hair salon in Marlow – will remains one of the most popular versions, but there’s no reason we cannot adapt your look to your individual needs.

If you want flecks of red, deep brunette or fashion colours added, this can all be achieved as part of your balayage mix.  Whichever look you desire, our hair colour experts will help find the best colour for you!  


haringtons hair salon in wokingham golden blondes
Superb blonde colour from the colour specialists at Haringtons, Wokingham

Buttery & Golden Blondes

The summer sun often lightens your hair and can leave it looking a little washed out… but do not despair!  We can help to repair any damage by adding a smartbond treatment to your next hair colour appointment.

During the autumn months we tend to see a move towards warmer blonde shades. These range from golden tones to honey hues, buttery blondes to caramel blonde colours.

Blonde hair colours can be added as balayage, highlights or full colour.  So, for the perfect natural-looking autumn hair colour, talk to your Haringtons colour professional about which shade would look best on you.



pastel rose gold hair colour haringtons hair salon northwood
Pretty rose gold pastel hair colour from the Haringtons Northwood team

Faded Pastel Hair Colours

There have been huge improvements in hair colouring products in recent years which means we can create all the colours under the rainbow for your hair!

One of the most popular fashion hair colours for autumn will be rose gold and faded pastel pinks.  The rose gold or coral shade tends to be pink with a golden undertone – as seen in this pretty pastel shade created by the colour specialists at Haringtons hair salon in Northwood. 

Pastel shades tend to fade with each wash which makes them a low maintenance way to update your look this season.  


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