Balayage Hair Colour

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Not sure what balayage is and whether it will suit you?  We are here to help! The hair colour experts at Haringtons Hairdressing can create all the latest looks including balayage, ombré, sombré, babylights and root stretching… as well as fashion shades and classic colours such as blondes, brunettes and red hair shades.  Read on to find out more…

Should I have lowlights, highlights or balayage?

Highlights, lowlights and balayage are popular services here at Haringtons hair salons and there are subtle differences between each.

Highlights can be any colour (not just blonde) but they are always lighter than your base colour.  Lowlights can also be any colour but are darker than your base colour.  Both highlights and lowlights are added to give your hair colour more depth, interest and dimension.

Highlights are added by placing the hair that is to be lightened into foils which keeps them away from the hair that is not being lightened, and also aids the lightening process.  The hair colour is added evenly across the strands of hair from root to tip.  Some people choose to have a full head of highlights, while others may opt for a 3/4 or 1/2 head of highlights or T-section covering your root regrowth.  A similar process is used when adding lowlights which are very often in brown or red tones. 

What is balayage?

Balayage is a French word which means ‘to paint’ or ‘to sweep’.  Using this technique we can add your hair colour exactly where you want it. Very often we add face-framing colour as well as highlights where the sun will catch the light on your hair.  One of the main differences between highlights and balayage is that balayage creates a soft, natural gradation of lighter colour towards the ends of your hair. 

The look can be as subtle or as dramatic as you wish, and we can use a variety of colours from brunettes, reds and blondes to fashion colours.  

What are ombré and sombré?

Ombré gives a more dramatic look with greater definition between the colours used.  With ombré you will clearly be able to see the transition from a darker shade (usually from the roots to the mid-shaft) to a lighter shade (mid-shaft to the ends of the hair).  Some people choose two contrasting colours for their ombré look.  Sombré is much softer than ombré and the change in shades are usually less dramatic and more sun-kissed. 

Is root stretching the same as balayage? 

Root stretching is a version of balayage.  With root stretching we will match your base hair colour and add just a few fine highlights throughout the roots, with the colour growing lighter towards the ends.  This allows you to go grow out your hair colour without having an obvious root regrowth section at the root base.  

What are babylights? 

Babylights are a type of highlight where we add tiny, delicate highlights throughout your hair.  As the name suggests, babylights aim to recreate those fine highlights you had as a baby or child.  

Visit The Hair Colour Experts At Haringtons Hairdressing 

If you want a beautiful balayage or ombré hair colour, or maybe a gorgeous pastel hair colour, you can trust in our Haringtons hair colour experts to deliver.  

Our hair colour technicians have been highly trained to understand exactly how your hair will respond to the hair colouring process.  We understand how to apply the colour to achieve the look you desire.  We can also protect your hair during your service by adding the superb Smartbond hair protection treatment.

Whatever look you desire, your first step should be to book in for a complimentary hair colour consultation.  Bring a photo of the hair colour you would like and have a good talk to a Haringtons hair expert who will explain the process, price and what can realistically be achieved with your hair.