Hot Hair Colours for Summer

Hair Colour Trends for Summer 2017 at Haringtons Hair Salons

Now that Summer is almost here, why not get a fresh new hair colour to compliment your summer style?.  The sunshine that comes along with summer is sure to bring out the hot hair colours for spring and summer, be it bold red hair, pretty pastel hair colours or beach blonde hair shades.

Using quality L’Oreal hair products, we deliver the best hair colour at Haringtons Hair Salons and our expert hair colour technicians are well versed with hair colour trends and hair colour techniques.  Contact one of our salons below to find out how we can help you get the perfect summer hair colour.

Red Hair Colours at Top UK Hair Salons

Opting for a red hair colour is one exciting way to be bold with your hair this summer. If you want a natural looking hair colour with high levels of shine, then the Ronze hair colour is one to consider.  It is the new favourite and is a mix of red and bronze hair, blended to look natural and shiny.  Book your next hair colour appointment at one of our Haringtons Hair Salons to get the Ronze hair, one of the newest hair for spring and summer 2017.

If Ronze is not for you, there are many other choices for the red hair look. Other top red hair colour trends you can opt for are copper, plum and burgundy shades. You can also go for the trending red ombre with a dark shadow root or a complete burgundy hair shade.  

Balayage & Ombre Hair at Award Winning Hair Salons in UK

Balayage hair colour is a great choice for a natural looking, sun-kissed hair colour, that is ideal for spring and summer. It is also a popular hair colour technique here at Haringtons. 

We believe that the Copper Balayage is going to be one of the most rocked hair colours this summer. If you do not want a complete copper hair look, but rather something shiny for Summer 2017, then the copper Balayage at Haringtons is perfect for you.

Ombre hair colour has been one of the trendiest hair colours over the years but a new ombre style is going to turn heads this summer. Smoky ombre is the next one in line and comes with an eclectic choice of grey hair colours transitioning to various other colours. Grey hair colour to purple ombre, grey hair to silver ombre and even grey hair to blue ombre are some of the trendiest hairstyles for spring and summer 2017.

However, if you want a more natural look, you can go for the smoky ombre hybridised with an ashy blonde hair colour.


Pastel Hair Colours at Haringtons Hairdressing Salons

During summer, brighter and lighter hair colours look stunning, like in the case of pastel hair colours, a popular hair colour trend for summer 2017. Our expert hair colour stylists at Haringtons hair salons enjoy creating various pastel and peachy hair colours because they are suitable for every skin tones.

Whatever hair colour you are after, be it the pastel pink hair or the peach hair, our hair colour stylists can get it done for you. At Haringtons hair salons, we believe that the peach hair colour is going to be one of the hottest hair being rocked at summer 2017.

Blonde & Brunette Hair Colour Combinations at Haringtons Hair Salons

It is understandable that the thought of colouring your hair can leave you both excited and nervous at the same time. This is why the hair colour experts at Haringtons hair salon advice that you go for a natural and subtle hair colour look or a low maintenance hair colour.

The Bronde hair colour has all these requirements and is a combination of blonde and brunette that gives a natural hair colour look that suits all skin tones.

At Haringtons hair salon, we use several hair colour techniques to get the Bronde hair colour such as e ombre hair colours with blonde ends or the brunette to blonde balayage. Find out more about our hair colour techniques here.

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