Haringtons supports Scannappeal

Scannappeal hope to raise £30,000 for the Breast Cancer Unit at Wycombe Hospital


Haringtons supports Scannappeal
Day 1 Route

A team of 30 cyclists will take part in a cycle challenge from  London to Amsterdam, setting off from Olympic Park on 20th April.




Haringtons supports Scannappeal
Day 2 route

The money raised will help to purchase two biopsy targeting  units which will enable biopsies to be undertaken in the unit,  meaning ladies can be treated as outpatients and will not  require hospital admission thus avoiding additional stress and  anxiety at what is already a worrying time.

Haringtons supports Scannappeal

  • The Breast unit sees approximately 120 symptomatic new cases per week and up to 5 of this cases will require biopsy
  • 80 – 100 cases per month are recalled for assessment from routine screening and up to about 25 of those will need X-ray guided biopsy
  • Improved biopsy times will reduce the “time to first offered treatment” times
  • Biopsies will be carried out on almost every area of the breast which is not currently the case, larger tissue samples can be obtained to hopefully increases the chance of getting an accurate diagnosis at the first attempt  prior to any necessary surgery.

In support of this great charity, our receptionists will be  asking you for a discretionary contribution of £1.00 with your  bill (we would, of course be delighted if you could give more)  and Haringtons will match your donation*.

We hope you will join us in supporting this worthy cause.


* Up to a maximum of £2000 across the group.