How To Get Hair Like A Celebrity

Haringtons Hair Salons’ Guide to Getting Hair Like A Celebrity

Have you ever wondered how your favourite celebrity manages to change her hairstyle and colour all the time and still show off hair that is glossy and healthy?

At Haringtons our hair stylists are ready to spill some of the secrets and gives you some top tips on how to get your hair looking fit for the red carpet!

We all know that over-processing your hair can cause it to become dry and damaged, so how do Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj manage to change their hair colour so often?

The answer lies in wigs and hair pieces, hair extensions and the very best hair treatments.

We offer high quality Racoon International Hair Extensions from our Haringtons salons in Southampton and Reading.

Choose from a wide variety of looks – gorgeous blonde, red or brunette hair extensions – which will add length, volume and colour without damaging your natural hair.

When it come to great in-salon treatments you can achieve silky shiny hair at our salons in Marlow, Reading, Beaconsfield, Maidenhead, Southampton, Wendover, Winchester and Windsor using the amazing KeraStraight Hair Smoothing treatment. KeraStraight is designed to repair, smooth and renew your hair to leave it feeling healthy, straighter and stronger.

Or why not visit our Haringtons hair salon in Wokingham for a L’Kerabelle hair treatment which transforms dry, frizzy hair into sooth, straighter hair that can last up to five month.  The quality and condition of your hair will continue to improve with each application.

If an in-salon treatment is not for you, what can you do to achieve healthy, shiny hair?

Top tips for shiny, healthy hair – Haringtons Hair Salons

  • After rinsing out your shampoo and conditioner, give your hair a blast of cool or cold water.
  • Once a month apply a leave-in conditioner.
  • Gently towel dry your hair and apply a light serum while the hair is still wet.
  • Let your hair dry naturally whenever possible to promote healthy hair. However, when blow drying your hair, direct the nozzle down the hair shaft and have a final blast of ‘cool’ air.
  • Apply a non-alcohol based straightening balm to dry hair. The smoother the cuticle, the shinier your hair will be.
  • Use a long round brush with short bristles so your hair glides smoothly over the brush.
  • If you wear your hair in a ponytail, alternate the fastening point and give it a break by wearing your hair down.
  • Give your hair a break from styling irons. If you cannot live without your styling tools, invest in a quality styling iron and a good protective spray.

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