Meet the Hairdressing Stars of the Future

Haringtons Awards Ceremony Showcases Hairdressing Stars of the Future

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The hairdressing stars of the future were rewarded for their cutting and colouring skills at the Haringtons Hairdressing Group annual training awards in High Wycombe.

Trainees from the hairdressing group’s 12 salons created a range of stunning hair cuts, styles and colours on models who were judged by top industry professionals before taking to the catwalk to rapturous applause.

British Hairdresser of the Year nominee Erroll Douglas MBE, L’Oreal National Accounts Creative and Artistic Accounts Manager Bev Rowe, and Haringtons’ Directors Elaine Smith, Robert Smith and David Lambert were impressed by the high level of talent displayed by the young apprentices.

Erroll Douglas said: “If this is the future of hairdressing, it is incredible – the standard is off the chart.”

The audience was treated to a dramatic catwalk of models showcasing Quaintrelle – the Haringtons’ Artistic Team’s new collection of hair cuts, styles and colours – before announcing the evening’s award winners.

Haringtons Hairdressing Group’s latest hair collection ‘Quaintrelle’

One of the biggest winners was Lucia Rackley, a third year apprentice based at Haringtons in Windsor.  Lucia was named overall winner of the Bonifacci Award for her short graduated bob in a delicious honey blonde shade.  She won a £100 voucher plus a training day with leading stylist Erroll Douglas.  Lucia was also named the Year 3 Bonifacci winner and the Year 3 winner of the Hairdressers Journal Front Cover Photoshoot Award.

Third year apprentice Meaghan Latter from Haringtons in Henley was also celebrating after being named the Year 3 winner of the L’Oreal Colour Award for creating a stunning two-tone black and red ombre hair colour on her model.  She then went on to be named the overall winner.

First year trainee Tia Mullings (Marlow) also had a great night after beating the rest of the Year 1 apprentices to win the Bonifacci Award with her model’s sleek and shiny black bobbed hair. Tia also won the Year 1 Hairdressers Journal Front Cover Photoshoot Award before being announced as the overall Hairdressers Journal trophy winner.

The trainees spend three years on the Haringtons apprenticeship training scheme, learning what it takes to become a top hairdresser.  One of the most coveted awards given is for Trainee of the Year which went to Jasmine Buckle (Beaconsfield), who won £300 worth of vouchers.

The event also raised over £500 for the Hair & Beauty Benevolent Charity which supports hairdressers and their families in times of need.

Winner Lucia Rackley (left) with her model and judge Errol Douglas
Overall winner Lucia Rackley (left) from Windsor with her model and Errol Douglas
Winner Meaghan Latter (centre)
Winner Meaghan Latter (centre) from Henley
Winner Tia Marlow (centre) with her model and judge Bev Rowe
Winner Tia Mullings (centre) from Marlow with her model and judge Bev Rowe
Trainee of the Year winner Jasmine Buckle receives her award from Haringtons' Director Robert Smith
Trainee of the Year winner Jasmine Buckle receives her award from Haringtons’ Director Robert Smith

A complete list of winners can be found below.

Haringtons Hair Salons – Trainee Awards

BONIFACCI AWARD (created in memory of the late Tony Bonifacci, a Haringtons’ Art Director.  Models are marked for hair cut, finish and overall look)

1st year trainees                    

1st                      Tia Mullings                Marlow

2nd                    Jess Strand                  Marlow

3rd                    Courtney Moody         Southampton

3rd                    Jasmine Buckle           Beaconsfield


2nd year trainees

1st                      Joe Price                      Marlow

2nd                    Brooke Wilson             Reading

3rd                    Chelsea Egglestone     Windsor


3rd year trainees                    

1st                   Lucia Rackley              Windsor


Lucia Rackley             Windsor

L’OREAL AWARD FOR COLOUR (models are marked for hair colour, finish and overall look)

1st year trainees                    

1st          Yasmin Tyson             Reading

2nd        Chloe Witcher             Winchester

3rd        Jess Strand                  Marlow


2nd year trainees

1st          Joe Price                      Marlow

2nd        Chelsea Egglestone     Windsor

3rd        Sadie Bungay              Southampton


3rd year trainees                    

1st        Meaghan Latter              Henley


Meaghan Latter                         Henley

HAIRDRESSERS JOURNAL FRONT COVER PHOTOSHOOT COMPETITION (Trainees were tasked with creating an avant garde look for the front cover of Hairdressers Journal magazine.)  The finalists were:

1st year trainees:   

Tia Mullings                            Marlow

Jasmine Buckle                       Beaconsfield

Courtney Moody                     Southampton

2nd year trainees:  

Brogan Tinnion                         Maidenhead

Emma Sanchez                        Southampton

Niamh Keenan Frier                Wendover

3rd year trainees:  

Lucia Rackley                          Windsor

Daniel Holloway                      London

Chelsea Egglestone                 Windsor


1st          Tia Mullings                Marlow

2nd        Emma Sanchez            Southampton

3rd        Lucia Rackley              Windsor


Tia Mullings                Marlow 


1st        Jasmine Buckle           Beaconsfield

2nd        Joe Price                      Marlow

3rd        Bethany Webb            Beaconsfield


(Apprentices were tasked to come up with strong hair colours, strong hair cuts and strong imagery for the Colour Project).


1st         Yasmin Tyson, Brooke Wilson, Emma Holloway   – Reading

2nd        Brogan Tinnion, Paige Wenn, Megan Simpson, Demi Hobbs  – Maidenhead

3rd        Bethany Webb, Jasmine Buckle, Lottie Watson – Beaconsfield


1st                 Brooke Wilson                         Reading

2nd       Brogan Tinnion                       Maidenhead

3rd                Lottie Watson                          Beaconsfield