New Summer Hair Colour Trend

Add Summer Radiance To Your Hair Colour at Haringtons Hairdressing Salons in South East England

One of the top summer hair trends at Haringtons Hair Salons in Southern England is for sun-kissed golden hair which can be achieved using blonde balayage and golden highlights.  Book your hair appointment today and let the expert colour technicians at Haringtons Hairdressing Salons in South East England find the perfect look for you.

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Beautiful Balayage

For those of you that want a low maintenance hair colour, balayage is perfect for you. To create the balayage look, your stylist will expertly paint a lighter hair colour to the tips of your hair, leaving your roots natural. Beautiful blondes or caramel tones usually tend to be the lighter colour added to your hair, giving it that sun-kissed look.

The best thing about this look is that you don’t need to get it retouched often because there is no obvious root regrowth as it will be your natural colour. If you’re new to hair colour this is probably the best look for you as you ease your way into getting your hair coloured.

Golden Highlights & Babylights

A gorgeous way to get that sun-kissed look is by opting for golden highlights. They say that blondes have more fun, so why don’t you find out?! 

The highlights will be applied throughout your hair and will result in an obvious change where your hair will look lighter. If you don’t want many highlights, then your stylist can just apply some babylights framing your face to make the hair around your face lighter.

However, you don’t have to go for golden highlights, there are many different shades of blonde that will look equally as good. Ask your stylist which shade will suit you and your skin tone.

Hair Contouring 

When it comes to hair colour, the possibilities are endless and we can now contour your hair like you can contour your face using makeup! 

Your stylist will add darker shades where shadows should be and lighter shades where the sun would hit it, creating a stunning, personalised look. Everyone is different, so your stylist will make sure this look suits you and your face shape. 

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