Pastel Hair Colour Trends

Get the look! Pastel hair colour at Haringtons Hair Salons

Pastel hair colours are a great way to liven up your hair! 

The hair colour specialists at Haringtons hair salons have the talent, training and expertise to create beautiful bespoke hair colours, whether you’re after pretty pastel hair, on-trend balayage or the brightest red or blonde!

Using the latest L’Oreal hair colours, we can create bespoke bright and bold colours or muted pastel tones.

If you are looking for a new style or colour, why not make an appointment with one of our experienced colour experts? We offer detailed consultation to find the right hair colour for each individual.  

Pastel Pink & Purple Hair Colours

Pastel hair colours such as pink hair colours and soft lilac tones are a big hair colour trend.  If you’re not ready for an all-over colour, try adding a few pastel highlights instead.

With the use of various different hair colour techniques and the latest L’Oreal hair colours, you will be sure to leave your local Haringtons salon with a pastel hair colour that suits your skin tone and sense of style.

Silver Grey Hair Colours

Silver grey hair colours have been trending for some time and show no signs of slowing down. In fact, quite recently newer shades of blue-tinged metallic greys have come into play, for a softer and more feminine look. 

With these super cool shades of platinum and silver, you can be sure to get some extra added vibrancy to your hair.   Talk to your hair colour expert at Haringtons who can help find the right shade of silver grey for your skin tone.

Blue Hair Shades

If you are a sucker for denim, you can now add these shades to your hair! It has a similar look to the silver grey hair colour, but with more navy hues and results in a soft dusted look that is perfect for an easy fade and grow out.  

Blue is a versatile hue that can work effectively on all hair colours including dark, medium toned and blonde hair.

The Rainbow Hair Colour Trend

If you are crazy for brighter colours then rainbow hair is definitely the way to go!  With this top hair colour trend you have the freedom to meld your favourite bright and beautiful colours in your hair, to give a rainbow effect. 

Alternative softer pastel rainbow colours can be used if you are after a more subtle rainbow hair look.  You can also have your rainbow colours placed underneath the layers of your hair for a more hidden rainbow look.