Protect Your Hair Colour Over Summer

How To Protect Your Coloured Hair Over Summer – Top Tips from Haringtons Hairdressing Salons in South East England

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Your hair colour can quickly become damaged, dry and lose its vibrance when exposed to the sun’s harsh rays. To battle against this, it may be time to invest in some high quality hair care products from your local Haringtons Hairdressing Salon in South East England.

Using hair care products during the summer months will help to keep your hair colour looking bright and protect it from damage. Feel free to come into your Haringtons hair salon for a chat with one of our expert stylists who can advise you on a hair care regime suited to you.

Hair Care For Coloured Hair

When it comes to coloured hair, the sun and salt from the sea can dry your hair out and cause it to break and split. To protect against this you should use conditioning hair care products that return moisture to your hair such as protective shampoo and conditioner, hair masks and hair oils.

Once you’re back from your holiday, why not visit your local Haringtons salon for a conditioning hair treatment to inject that moisture back into your hair?

Chlorine from the pool can even make your hair colour change to a different shade! If you are concerned that your blonde hair is looking brassy or less vibrant, we can recommend a purple or violet-based shampoo or condition to help remove the unwanted tones. 

Reduce Hair Colour From Fading

The sun also causes hair colour to fade. This can be protected against by again adding much-needed moisture back into your hair. By using moisturising hair care products during the summer months, your hair will be noticeably stronger, smoother, visibly fuller and look perfectly cared for.

Book In For A Hair Care Appointment at Haringtons Hairdressing Salons in South East London

If you want to find out which hair care products you should be using this summer, or want a professional hair care treatment, then book in for an appointment at your local Haringtons Hairdressing Salon in South East London by calling us on the links below.