Red Hair Colour Trends


Redhead Hair Colour Trends

Red hair is the hair colour to have in 2013. For many years red hair was shunned and more often than not the gingers of the world couldn’t wait to cover their orange roots but now big, bold, vibrant red hair is being embraced and worn loud and proud!

At Haringtons we like to keep up with current hair colour trends and we are so happy that red hair really is going to be big for Spring/Summer 2013.

Here is our take on some red hair colour styles that are going to be bang on trend this year! Which red hair colour will you go for?

Fiery Red Hair

Fiery red hair is an OTT ginger hair colour! The bright copper hue is a stunning hair colour against pale skin tones and is one of the stand-out red hair colour trends of the season. This hair colour looks incredible with blue or green eyes.

Tangerine Hair Colour

Tangerine is more of an orange-red hair colour and is also referred to as nectarine hair colour. Tangerine is a very girl-next-door colour and is ultra low-maintenance.  Girls Aloud star Nicola is often seen sporting this red hair colour.

Burnt Copper Hair Colour

Copper hair is the most versatile red hair colour as it looks great against most skin complexions. It is also an easily – attainable and maintainable hair colour. Copper hair colour looks great against pale and tanned skin tones. This hair colour is also the most natural red hair colour style.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colour

Strawberry blonde is another natural red hair colour. With pastel hair colours also being on trend this season the strawberry blonde will also veer onto a light pastel pink hair colour.  We think this hair colour looks gorgeous against sunkissed skin making this a perfect hair colour choice for Spring/Summer.

The Celebrity Redheads

Rihanna is famous for her red hair and never strays too far for too long! Rihanna usually always opts for an all over hair colour.  Her red hair colour choice which is usually one of the harder to maintain red hair colours is easier to keep when applied as an all over hair colour. Root touch-ups at the salon are quick, easy and affordable!

Lily Cole makes her bright ginger hair colour look effortless with her tousled waves. Lily’s red hair colour looks fantastic against her pale skin and rosey coloured cheeks.

Red Hair Colour at Haringtons

Red hair colour within the Haringtons Collection


Whatever your red hair colour choice, Haringtons can help you! As previous winners of the UK’s most prestigious hair colour competition – The L’oréal Colour Trophy – our own specialist technicians are confident and informative on every area of hair colouring. Click here to discover Hair Colour at Haringtons.