Short Hair – Is It Time For The Chop?

Short Hairstyles at Haringtons Hairdressing Salons  – Your Questions Answered

Is your long hair weighing you down?  If you’re considering trading your lock locks for a short sleek hairstyle, we have we have plenty of advice from Haringtons Hairdressing Group on how to make this on-trend look work for you.

Does short hair suit everyone?

Yes!  Whatever your face shape and hair type, there will be a short hairstyle to suit you.  Pop in for a consultation with one of stylists and we can help you to choose the right look.

Will I be able to style my short hair?

Certainly – short hair can be curled, braided, straightened, texturised… it’s up to you!  Of course, some super short crops such as a buzz cut might limit your options slightly, but when your haircut looks that cool, you’ll be turning heads anyway!

Is short hair on trend?

Short hair is always stylish and it’s particularly fashionable at the moment.  Celebrities wanting to stand out on the red carpet are ditching their waist-length hair and are going for cropped looks instead.

Top Reasons To Have Short Hair

·         Quick and Easy to Styling

Long hair, can take hours of brushing and styling, but with short hair, a quick flick and you’re good to go!  Even if you want to straighten or curl it, it doesn’t take long at all. So, why not save yourself precious time and effort?  Book a short haircut now at your local Haringtons Hairdressing Group salon.

·         Wash and Dry in No Time

Short hair takes a fraction of the time of long to wash, so you’ll be in and out of the shower in no time.  It dries super quickly too – perfect when your schedule is packed!

·         Focus on Your Face

With your face no longer hidden by your long mane, it’s the perfect opportunity to refresh your make-up look.  Your new short style will frame your face and can accentuate your facial features, making them the focus of attention.

·         Look Cool and Feel Cooler

Long hair can feel like a blanket around your shoulders in the hot summer months.  With warm weather approaching, a short style will leave you feeling ice cool, not hot and bothered.

·         Short Hair is Healthy Hair

Let us cut away any dry split ends and over processed hair to reveal your glossy healthy hair beneath!  Short hairstyles also take hair colour easily because the hair is healthy and strong – so why not consider a new shade to go with your new cut?  Find out more about our hair colour services here.

Book Your Hair Appointment at your local Haringtons Hair Salon

If you’re now inspired you to go for the chop, we know you won’t regret it!  Book a consultation with one of our experienced stylists who will be happy to help you find the perfect short hairstyle. You can make an appointment by using our easy on-line booking systems or calling your local salon by following the links below.