Get The Look… Short Hair Styles & Ideas

Get The Look… Short Hair Styles & Ideas

Trend-setting short hairstyles at Haringtons hairdressing salons

Short hairstyles have had a massive surge in popularity with more and more women visiting Haringtons for a perfect precision hair cut.

Using our cutting expertise and knowledge of both classic and the latest trends, the Haringtons team can create fabulous short hairstyles.  During a detailed consultation we will discuss the look you want and find a style that perfectly suits your facial features, sense of style and your lifestyle.

The great news about short hairstyles is that they can be really easy to style.  With a great hair cut, you may be able to just ‘wash and leave’ your hair, rough dry it or blow dry it.  You can even change up the style by adding some styling product and a little know-how.  Ask your Haringtons stylist for advice on the right products and how to apply them for different hairstyling looks.

Never a company to sit still, Haringtons leads the way when it comes to hair cuts and colours so check out these inspirational hairstyles from our Collections over the years.  We can create any hairstyle so if you’ve seen a look you like here, or a look in a magazine or online, just show it to your style team and let us work our magic.