Straight & Sleek Hairstyles

Straight & Sleek Hairstyles & Ideas at Haringtons Salons

Straight and sleek hair is a great look for day or night. You can ask for hair styling tips at any of our Harington hair salons. Just use our online booking service to secure your appointment at any of our salons. It’s really easy!

Poker Straight Hair

Poker straight hair is so easy that you can do it from the comfort of your very own home. Simply brush your hair until it’s extra smooth, opt for some heat protection spray to keep it in good condition, and then use a straightener.  

Straight hair will only look great if your hair is in good condition, so make sure you visit your local Haringtons hair salon for a regular trim or hair conditioning service. 

Low & Loose Ponytails

Got long hair? You can make a low ponytail look great on you!

If you have long or medium length hair, it’s easy to tie a hair tie at the nape of your neck (or even to the side), for a simple and low maintenance effect.

Want to spice things up a little for a night-time look? Add a little quiff at the front to give a really edgy look with added sex appeal!

Hair Straightening & Smoothing Treatments at Harington Salons

The key to amazing looking straight hair is to work hard at keeping up its health and shine. There’s no point attempting this look if your hair is too frizzy or unruly! Straight hair requires effort.

At Harington hair salons, our stylists can assist with everything from stellar advice, right through to recommendations of the best products to use to keep your hair in perfect condition.

Dried out hair is miserable and doesn’t look great, either. It might seem expensive, but you need to make an investment in some great hair smoothing treatments. It’s all about taking care of your hair and realising that it’s important to do so. We have plenty of great ways to achieve this, including the amazing Kerastraight treatment!

Just come down to any of our Harington hair salons and we’ll help you – with the very latest hair advice and treatments that we have to offer.