The hottest redheads

Beautiful red hair colours at Haringtons Hair Salons

Red hair colours are rich and intense, perfect if you are after something sultry and bold this summer. From fiery reds to rich coppery tones, our highly skilled hair colour technicians at Haringtons hair salons can create the perfect shade of red to suit your skin tone and personal style.

We have many red hues that can suit all age groups and if you need help finding your very own unique shade of red, our expert hair colour technicians will be happy to help.

Whether you’re looking for plum red hair colour, a copper hue, burgundy or auburn hair colour, or perhaps a stunning red balayage hair colour, make sure your local Haringtons salon is your first stop on the way to gorgeous red hair!

The hottest redheadsThe hottest redheadsThe hottest redheads







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