About your privacy

We are committed to protecting the information we collect from you, which we use to enhance your experience of using Haringtons. com and to provide you with the services you request from us.

We also outline the security measures we take to protect your details once you have given them to do this is normally found within the Tools dropdown menu at the top of the browser window.

If you have “disabled” the cookies file in your browser, you may experience technical problems with some parts of the site.

In the future, we may use cookies to personalise our Web site, but we will let you know when that happens.

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How long is information kept for?

We will keep and use your information for as long as you are registered on the current Web site. You can choose to cancel your registration in the ‘My account’ section of the site. Doing this does not erase your information from our database. Your information is then stored for two reasons:

1. to ensure that any orders you have placed can be processed to completion and

2. so that we can contact you in emergencies, such as if there is an urgent product recall.

Otherwise, your information will not be accessed again and it will remain secure.

Cancelling your registration will mean you will no longer be able to shop online or receive e -mails from us. Any orders you have placed will be processed as normal. You cannot open a new account using the same e-mail address as a previously closed account.

Ordering online

Ordering online using your credit card details is just as safe as ordering goods over the telephone, if not more so. has been issued with a Secure Server Digital Certificate by the online Certification Authority, VeriSign, and has been authorised to display the VeriSign Authentic Site Seal.

VeriSign authentication

The VeriSign Digital ID is an electronic licence credential for online business. It confirms that is a legitimate web site which establishes an encrypted communication channel protecting the information you send when submitting details for payment in the Shop. For more information about VeriSign Digital Authentication services and online security guarantees, visit the VeriSign web site at www.

Credit & debit card security assurance

At you don’t have to worry about your credit or debit card safety.

None of our customers have experienced fraudulent use of their credit or debit card as a result of purchases made with us.

We are so confident of the security on our site that we back every purchase with our assurance of security. We encrypt all our personal information (including card details, name and address). This means that your information is protected by a unique key or code as it travels over the internet.

In the event of unauthorised use of your credit or debit card, most card issuers either cover all of the charges, or may limit your liability to £50. If your issuer does pass on any of the £50 then will cover your liability up to £50 provided that the unauthorised use of your credit or debit card resulted through no fault of your own from purchases made at

In the event of unauthorised use of your credit or debit card, you must notify your card provider in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures.


If you still have concerns about shopping over the internet you may like to visit the government’s e-shopping website. To link to the website click here.

Internet shopping is safe – external link

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