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We are so proud to be supporting One Can Trust, a foodbank based in High Wycombe who collects over £200,000 worth of food every year from the South Buckinghamshire community.  The food is sorted, stored and put into food parcels to feed 30,000+ adults and children in need.

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How One Can Trust Was Born

Since 2011, One Can Trust has operated a foodbank based in High Wycombe, serving the town and South Buckinghamshire.

Growing quickly to address a growing crisis of food poverty they collect over £200,000 worth of food every year from all over the community.

They sort it, store it and create food parcels that have fed well over 30,000 adults and children. They partner with almost 100 front line agencies who refer people to them for food aid.

They have scores of collection points and have worked with schools, churches, community groups, supermarkets and businesses of all sorts as well as the core of approximately 120 volunteers. From their store, they are able to pack and send out approximately 400 parcels a month.

Food aid reaches people through their network of food pick up centres, via their team of deliverers and through partners who have referred their clients.


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Click the link below to find out how you can help One Can Trust


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