All You Need To Know About Hair Extensions!

Do You Want The Best Hair Extensions? Our Experts Answer Your Questions About Hair Extensions

We understand it can be a daunting prospect choosing the right hair extensions let alone finding the best hair extensions salon near you!  Our hair extension experts are here to answer all your questions.  If you are considering transforming your hair with extensions, make sure you book in for a complimentary hair extensions consultation first by calling your local Winchester or Southampton hair salon using the links below. 

Will Hair Extensions Damage My Hair?

We use only the best hair extensions at our hair salons in Southampton and Winchester

Racoon International Luxe Links hair extensions in our Southampton & Winchester salons will not damage your hair.  They use no glue or heat and are, in fact, attached using a tiny silicone ring which is the smallest available on the market! 

We use the highest quality human hair designed to be styled and treated as you would your own hair. 

They can be fitted without causing damage to your own hair, and are easy to remove too – again, without damaging your hair.




Which Hair Extensions Are Right For My Hair?

Hair extensions come in a wide range of colours, lengths, widths, hair textures and can be either real hair or synthetic hair.  We can colour match the right hair extension colour to your natural (or coloured) hair shade so that it blends perfectly, or use bright contrasting colours if you are after a fun pop of colour.  Rest assured, our trained extension specialists will make sure your hair looks sensational.


How Long Will My Hair Extensions Last?

Racoon International Luxe Links hair extensions can be safely worn for least six months and easily up to one year with regular maintenance appointments every six to 12 weeks when they will be removed and re-fitted by your specially Racoon-trained salon professional at Haringtons Hair Salons in Southampton & Winchester.

How Long Does It Take To Have Hair Extensions?

Using the Racoon International Luxe Links extensions, a full head can be applied in just 90 minutes and safely removed in less than 30 minutes.

Can I Re-Use My Hair Extensions?

Yes, with the Luxe Links Hair Extensions we can re-use your hair (although we will need to use new links/attachments).  Your hair extensions can be instantly re-fitted into a new link and immediately re-applied.

What Are Your Hair Extensions Prices?

Our hair extensions are re-usable, making them an affordable option because we can add them again and again to your hair.  Just make sure you follow our after-care advice to keep your extensions looking their best to ensure we can re-use them.  As you can imagine, everyone’s needs are different.  Some people only require a few well-placed extensions to boost volume, while others want a full-on glamorous head of volume and long gorgeous hair.  That is why we offer a free hair extensions consultation where we will discuss your needs and give you a price for your hair extensions. 

How Do You Fix My Hair Extensions?

BEST HAIR EXTENSIONS SOUTHAMPTON SALON Copy 3We use Luxe Links Hair Extensions where small sections of human hair (also known as wefts) are affixed using strategically positioned links.  

The wefts sit flat to the head and, with good care, will remain in place for at least six months.  

With no gluing, braiding or sewing, there is no damage to the hair –  just great, natural-looking hair extensions!


Can I Add Volume With Hair Extensions?

Men and women with fine or thin hair can give their style extra volume by adding hair extensions.  Our high-quality human hair extensions are available at Haringtons Hair Salons in Winchester and Southampton.  They can be blended to be an exact match to your real hair… so no-one will be able to tell the difference!  

Will Hair Extensions Give Me Instant Longer Hair? 

Hair extensions are a superb way of adding length to your hair and can be blended to perfectly match your hair shade.  Luxe Links come in 12 beautiful colours available in 14” lengths and 15 beautiful colours available in 18” lengths.

hair extensions at top extensions salons in winchester and southampton

What To Expect When Having Hair Extensions at Haringtons Hair Salons in Southampton & Winchester

racoon hair extensions top hair salon for extensions southamptonYour first step towards lovely long hair with fabulous length and volume is to book in for a consultation with one of our hair extensionists. We will advise you on the process, look at the colours and lengths available to achieve your look, discuss price and after-care for your hair extensions.  If you decide to go ahead, we will also ask for a deposit to allow us to pre-order your bespoke hair extensions.  

Once they arrive in salon we can book in for your hair extension fitting appointment.  We advise all our clients to return to the salon every 6 weeks so we can keep your extensions looking superb.  

So there you have it!  Of course, you may have other questions when it comes to hair extensions which is why a hair extensions consultation is so important.  Please give your Southampton hair extensions salon a call on 02380 237414 or your Winchester hair extensions salon a call on 01962 850850 to book in for your consultation.