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Monday 9:15am 5:00pm
Tuesday 9:15am 5:00pm
Wednesday 9:15am 5:00pm
Thursday 11:30am 7:30pm
Friday 9:30am 5:00pm
Saturday 8:30am 4:30pm
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The Salon


At our Haringtons salon in Queen Street, Maidenhead, you’ll receive a warm welcome and a fantastic level of service.  We deliver great hair colour, hair cuts and on-trend hairstyles for men and women, as well fabulous formal hairstyles for weddings, parties and proms.  

CUTTING AND FINISHING stylist senior stylist creative stylist style director senior style director salon/ education manager art director
ladies    49.75 56.00 60.00 64.25 69.00 71.00 74.00
ladies blow dry  32.25 34.50 36.25 37.75 39.75 40.75 41.75
men   37.25 43.00 45.50 50.75 54.75 56.25 57.75
 Cut and finish 0-9 24.75 28.00 32.25        
  10 - 16 10 - 16 year olds receive 30% off adult prices Mon - Fri only
Student discount 20% off Monday - Friday. 10% off Saturday. On production of your student, enrolment ID from your school, college or university
COLOUR technician senior technician creative technician technical director    
hairline, crown and parting   77.00 83.50 89.50 94.00    
1/2 head     86.00 93.75 97.25 104.00    
3/4 head     95.75 107.00 111.25 117.50    
whole head     114.75 127.50 133.75 140.75    
Contemporary colours from . .    56.00 59.75 63.25 66.75    
Semi-permanent colours from . 44.50 47.00 49.25 50.75    
   . . . with flecks 69.00 72.25 77.00 79.25    
Regrowth tinting from . .   50.75 54.75 58.00 60.50    
  . . .with flecks 75.25 80.50 84.75 90.00    
Luocolor     53.50 58.50 60.50 63.75    
  . . .with flecks 80.00 84.00 87.50 92.50    
Whole head tinting from . .   73.25 76.50 79.50 82.00    
Bleach from . .    73.75 76.50 80.50 83.00    
If you have not had colour services before, you will need to have an allergy test at least 48 hours before your appointment for your comfort and protection.
conditioning treatment   16.25 Smartbond  20.50      
PERMING technician senior technician creative technician technician director    
perms     90.50 97.25 100.25 104.75    
partial perm from . .   62.25 67.50 71.75 73.75    
spiral perm     155.25 169.25 185.00 199.75    

Gaynor - Salon Manager
Artistic, Caring, Fun.

Salon Manager

Time at Haringtons: 16 years

Length of experience: 30+ years

Loves: Short, texturised styles

Favourite products: Pureology Shampoo and Conditioner Perfect Platinum for Bones and  Liss Control

Favourite celebrity hair-do: Rita Ora because of her ever changing looks

Interestingly: She a qualified scuba diver!

Rachel - Education Manager
Truthful, Fun, Imaginative.

Eductional Manager

Time at Haringtons: 19 years

Length of experience: 18 years

Loves: Short, technical bobs and choppy texturised natural looking styles as well as hair up.

Favourite products: Pureology Strength Cure Shampoo and Conditioner, Redken Salt Spray

Favourite celebrity hair-do: Ferne Cotton and all her changing looks

Interestingly: She has a huge tattoo, but you would never know!

Sarah - Creative Technician
Bubbly, Creative, Fun.

Loves: Short hair and funky colours.
Favourite products: Quick Tease, Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner
Favourite celebrity hair-do: Beyonce - big bouncy, curly hair!
Interestingly: She is a ginger!

Nicky - Senior Style Director
Thoughtul, Creative, Meticulous.
Senior Style Director
Loves: Tousled, beach waves and curls, textured cuts and gents.
Favourite products: Quick Tease, All Soft Heavy Cream and Shampoo, Kerastase Elixir
Favourite celebrity hair-do: The Kardashian Sisters - sleek and sexy
Interestingly: She loves animals and travelling.

Mitchell - Senior Stylist/Technician

Chilled, Creative, Fun.

Senior Stylist / Technician

Time at Haringtons: 5 years

Length of experience: 2 years

Loves funky, bright, rich colours.

Favourite products: Salt Spray, Wax, Hairspray

Favourite celebrity hair-do: Cheryl Cole - always fashionable whether its big and bouncy or hair up.

Interestingly: He has a trainer obsession!

Robert - Creative Stylist
Creative, Enthusiastic, Perfectionist.

Time at Haringtons: 5 years

Length of experience: 2 years

Loves: Short, precision hair cutting.

Favourite products: Redken Styling products - Powder Grip, Rough Paste, Quick Tease

Favourite celebrity hair-do: Ruby Rose - short, precision, edgy female cut.

Interestingly: He loves tattoos!

What Our Clients Say About Our Maidenhead Salon

Great service overall at Maidenhead Salon, Lovely head massage and great consultation. Sarah was knowledgeable and provided great advice and cut my hair really well. Very pleased.
Best cut from Sarah at Maidenhead Salon I have had in ages.
Gaynor was superb at the Maidenhead Salon and I love my new haircut, exactly what I wanted.
Naomi Jane Klinker
Amazing service every time, cannot recommend this salon enough! Gaynor is an absolute delight, and I feel like I'm speaking to an old friend. Best hairdressers in Maidenhead
Sarah at Maidenhead Salon was fantastic. I felt she gave me lots of time and made a real effort to make sure I was happy. I re booked on the day because I was so happy.