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Set in the historic Town House at the heart of Wendover, the original town hall is now home to Haringtons hair salon.  Featuring the original stone staircase and gothic-inspired arched windows, our salon offers a light and relaxing environment where you can sit back and be pampered while our stylists work their magic on your hair. 

CUTTING AND FINISHING Stylist Senior Stylist Creative Stylist Style Director Senior Style Director Salon/ Education Manager Art Director
ladies    43.50 48.50 54.50 58.50 59.50 61.75 64.50
ladies blow dry   29.75 30.75 31.75 33.75 36.25 37.25 37.75
men   28.75 32.25 35.50 37.75 38.25 39.50 40.50
 Cut and finish 0-9 19.00 21.25 23.75        
  10 - 16 10 - 16 year olds receive 30% off adult prices Mon - Fri only
Student discount 20% off Monday - Friday. 10% off Saturday. On production of your student, enrolment ID from your school, college or university
COLOUR Technician Senior Technician Creative Technician Technical Director  
hairline, crown and parting   47.50 51.75 56.75 68.50    
1/2 head     68.00 73.75 79.50 86.50    
3/4 head     76.00 80.50 85.50 95.75    
whole head     98.75 105.25 108.75 117.75    
Contemporary colours from . .    59.00 60.00 61.75 64.25    
Semi-permanent colours from . 36.25 40.50 42.50 42.75    
      62.25 66.50 70.00 72.25    
Regrowth tinting from . .   46.00 49.75 53.75 57.50    
      70.50 74.50 76.50 82.50    
Luocolor     52.00 55.50 58.00 64.50    
      77.25 81.50 85.00 90.25    
Whole head tinting from . .   56.50 62.75 68.00 73.25    
Bleach from . .    70.00 71.75 72.75 80.50    
If you have not had colour services before, you will need to have an allergy test at least 48 hours before your appointment for your comfort and protection.
conditioning treatment   13.25          
perms     86.50 88.75 94.25 99.25    
      66.50 68.00 69.50 71.75    
spiral perm     195.25 195.25 195.25 195.25    


We also offer Beauty Services at our Wendover Salon. To find out more click here.

Rebecca - Education Manager
Honest, Attentive, Caring.

Time at Haringtons: 11 years
Length of experience: 8 years
Loves: Big bouncy blow drys making clients look glamorous and something they can't always achieve at home.
Favourite products: Powder Buff, Bain Fluidealiste, Fondant Fluidealiste
Favourite celebrity hair-do: Myleene Klass - her hair always looks beautiful.
Interestingly: She secretly loves Tom Jones!

Natalie - Style Director
Bubbly, Organised, Positive.
Style Director
Time at Haringtons: 10 years
Length of experience: 10 years
Loves: Doing blondes, lifting people and making them happy and enjoys cutting and styling hair up using long wavy hair.
Favourite products: Cement Thermique, Rough Paste, Anti Snap
Favourite celebrity hair-do: Jessie J - lovely shiny hair and a strong look.
Interestingly: She's a chocoholic!

Ellie R - Creative Stylist

Enthusiastic, Creative, Honest.

Loves styling out long hair, doing big blowdrys but also short hair as it brings out her creative side.

Favourite products: Ciment Thermique, Elixir Ultime, VIP Volume Powder.

Favourite celebrity hair-do: Ferne Cotton - she's the bomb!

Emma T - Style Director
Outgoing, a little mad, creative.

Loves: doing something new and always enjoys restyles and updating peoples looks.
Favourite products: Serum Therapiste, VIP Powder and Spray, Rough Paste.
Favourite celebrity hair-do: Donald Trump - because it looks like a wig!
Interestingly: She sleeps with a teddy bear!

Nicola - Beauty Therapist
Caring, Professional, Bubbly

Length of experience: 2 years

Loves: doing reflexology and making people feel relaxed, recharged, recover from illness and life

Favourite products: Frankincense oil by Neals Yard

Interestingly:  She love a glass of Italian Wine!

Jenny - Creative Technician
Vivacious, creative, empathetic

Loves: Adele – strong, independent role model

Favourite Product: Smartbond – a quick and easy little helper to keep your colour rich and your hair healthy

Favourite Celebrity Hair-Do: Claudia Winklman – her dark, rich colour is always an eye catcher

Interestingly: She’s got the moves like Jagger! 😉

What Our Clients Say About Our Wendover Salon

New to Harington's, but really pleased with my hair cut from Rebecca at Wendover Salon. and will definitely be back.
Patricia W
First visit at Wendover was a very good experience. Friendly, professional and felt comfortable and relaxed.
A fantastic first visit with Emma at Wendover. Friendly and efficient service