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The Salon


Our popular Marlow salon can be found at the top of the High Street where our talented team are waiting to deliver the very best hair services including precision cutting, colouring and special occasion hair.  Sit back and relax while we work our magic on your hair!

CUTTING AND FINISHING stylist senior stylist creative stylist style director senior style director salon/ education manager art director
ladies    49.75 56.00 60.00 64.25 69.00 71.00 74.00
ladies blow dry  32.25 34.50 36.25 37.75 39.75 40.75 41.75
men   37.25 43.00 45.50 50.75 54.75 56.25 57.75
 Cut and finish 0-9 24.75 28.00 32.25        
  10 - 16 10 - 16 year olds receive 30% off adult prices Mon - Fri only
Student discount 20% off Monday - Friday. 10% off Saturday. On production of your student, enrolment ID from your school, college or university
COLOUR technician senior technician creative technician technical director    
hairline, crown and parting   77.00 83.50 89.50 94.00    
1/2 head     86.00 93.75 97.25 104.00    
3/4 head     95.75 107.00 111.25 117.50    
whole head     114.75 127.50 133.75 140.75    
Contemporary colours from . .    56.00 59.75 63.25 66.75    
Semi-permanent colours from . 44.50 47.00 49.25 50.75    
   . . . with flecks 69.00 72.25 77.00 79.25    
Regrowth tinting from . .   50.75 54.75 58.00 60.50    
  . . .with flecks 75.25 80.50 84.75 90.00    
Luocolor     53.50 58.50 60.50 63.75    
  . . .with flecks 80.00 84.00 87.50 92.50    
Whole head tinting from . .   73.25 76.50 79.50 82.00    
Bleach from . .    73.75 76.50 80.50 83.00    
If you have not had colour services before, you will need to have an allergy test at least 48 hours before your appointment for your comfort and protection.
conditioning treatment   16.25 Smartbond  20.50      
PERMING technician senior technician creative technician technician director    
perms     90.50 97.25 100.25 104.75    
partial perm from . .   62.25 67.50 71.75 73.75    
spiral perm     155.25 169.25 185.00 199.75    

Michaela - Snr Style Director / Assistant Manager
Senior Style Director and Assistant Manager

Loves: Short hair, gents and hair ups.

Favourite products: Double Je, Quick Tease, Clear Moisture Shampoo

Favourite celebrity hair-do: Emma Willis's short hair.

Steve - Art Director
Art Director

Being one of the senior members of the Haringtons Art Team, Steve is constantly in touch with what is happening at the creative end of the hairdressing industry. Often working away on seminars teaching his cutting skills, both here and abroad, he enjoys working with all types of hair and feels it is really important to understand a client’s lifestyle to ensure a look that they can recreate at home. His iconic fashion designer has to be Vivienne Westwood, whose clothes continue to take pride of place in his wardrobe!
Amy - Creative Technician
Creative Technician
Amy is our Creative Technician and she has worked with the Haringtons team for 12 years. Amy is a natural teacher and loves teaching the trainees and helping them through their training programme. Amy’s favourite product is Vitamino colour shampoo and conditioner because it helps to preserve hair colour for longer. Amy is inspired by vintage looks so much so that she embraced a retro theme for her wedding. When she is off duty she enjoys spending time with her family.

Devon - Creative Stylist
Friendly, Chatty, Easy-going.
Time at Haringtons: 8 years
Length of experience: 3 years
Loves: Hair up, bit bouncy blow drys.  She doesn't like copying from a picture but likes to be creative and different.
Favourite products: Ciment Thermique (a life saver!),  Pureology - Perfect for Platinum
Favourite celebrity hair-do: The Kardashians
Interestingly: She's addicted to beauty products . . . . and the Kardashians!

Emily - Senior Style Director
Emily trained for hairdressing in the North East straight after finishing school, she has been in the Marlow Salon for almost seven years. Emily has been working with Haringtons since she moved down to the South East, and has loved every minute!

Katie - Style Director
Katie is a very talented hairdresser. 

She completed her training at Haringtons straight after finishing school. 

Katie has been working her way up the Haringtons career ladder - and there seems to be no stopping her!

Katie also enjoys helping the trainees and giving advice on all the competitions they enter.

Sylvie - Art Director
Art Director
Sylvie started with Haringtons at 16 years of age when she moved to the UK from France. During this time she has worked her way up to Art Director level and over the years has been involved in the art team.  She has been involved with many art shows for L'Oreal as well as looking after the  trainees coming up through the Haringtons education programme and all this alongside having a family of her own!

Sylvia loves working with long hair and is currently putting her skills to use in that area by creating a 'hair up' DVD for Haringtons.

Emma - Art Director

Chatty, Friendly, Giggly.

Art Director

Loves short hair and gents where she feels she can be more creative.

Favourite products: Wax Blast, Quick Tease, All Soft Shampoo

Favourite celebrity hair-do: Frankie from the Saturdays and Emma Willis - love both their short funky hair cuts

Chloe - Creative Technician
Creative - Smiley - Enthusiastic

Loves Tint/Dia and Flecks, Balayage, Fashion / bright colours - being creative.

Favourite products:  Bain de Force Architect Shampoo and #colorfulhair!

Favourite celebrity hair-do: Perrie Edwards from Little Mix - always doing something different

 Interestingly: She loves her cat, Kobi!

Robin - Stylist
Creative, Happy, Sociable.


Time at Haringtons: 4 years

Loves: Gents, short funky styles, bouncy blow drys.

Favourite products: Wax Blast, Rough Paste, Intense Repair Masque

Favourite celebrity hair-do: Mary Quant - Vidal Sassoon.

Interestingly: He loves chocolate!

Sarah - Senior Stylist
Precise, Enthusiastic, Artistic

Length of experience: 4 years

Loves: choppy bobs with beachy waves - a great casual, undone look for any occasion

Favourite products: Nectar Thermique, Volumifique, Fusio Treatments

Favourite Celebrity Hair-Do: Alexa Chung - pulls off the undone look perfectly!

Interestingly:  She has a shopping obsession!

Polly - Creative Stylist
Creative, Personable, Fun

Loves:  It all I guess!!   I love anything creative so shorthair. hair ups and blow-dries. but also love problem solving and making people feel good about them selves. 

Favourite celebrity look: The effortless curls of  Marilyn Monroe but also the sharp forward thinking styles of Louise Brooks.

Interestingly:  Has recently worked as Hair and Makeup on BBC drama Decline and The Fall. won Project X in 2015

Kirsty - Creative Technician
Creative - Funny - Up for a challenge!

Loves doing tint and flecks, dia  and flecks, highlights and balyage

Favourite products are our colour treatments - Smarbond, Fusio Dose

Favourite celebrity:  Katie Perry for her restyles and colour changes - always fun!

Interestingly she does clay pigeon shooting

Alisha - Senior Stylist
Caring, Creative, Patient

Loves doing choppy bobs and big bouncy blow dries.  She loves styling hair using loose waves and curls.

Favourite Products:  Creme Magistral, Elixir Serum, Materliste Gel

Favourite celebrity:  Jennifer Lawrence - she loves her choppy bob and loose waves

Interestingly: her favourite colour is orange

Joe - Technician
Happy, Caring, Creative

Loves working with new fashion colours, soft natural highlights and balayage.

Favourite products: Smartbond, Kerastase Nutritive, Pureology

Favourite celebrity hair-do: Cara Delevingne - even though she always changes her image, Cara manages to look striking

Interestingly: He loves pugs!

What Our Clients Say About Our Marlow Salon

Alisha at the Marlow Salon, was vey friendly and made me feel very comfortable. I love my hair
It was a lovely experience with Monie at the Marlow Salon.
Really great service and attention by Robin at the Marlow Salon. He understood exactly what I wanted and I left feeling very happy with my new hair.
Great service at Marlow Salon, with Larissa and Charlotte.